CA Prop 65 Declaration - Effective September 2018

To all Gerlinger Steel customers, end users, and employees:

Gerlinger Foundry & Machine Works, Inc. dba Gerlinger Steel & Supply Co, would like to inform any customers or end users that all products sold may contain trace amounts of chemicals listed in California’s Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986. Commonly referred to as Proposition 65, this Act establishes a list of chemicals known by the State of California to present a risk of cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.

Chemical exposure typically occurs through inhalation, ingestion, or adsorption. Gerlinger Steel does not sell any products that are intended to be used in these methods. Gerlinger Steel cannot foresee all uses of their products (both intended and unintended uses) and as a result has opted to provide a general warning of known chemical presence.

This declaration and warning will remain accessible on Gerlinger Steel’s website henceforth. The URL to view this warning will be listed on all Quotation, Order Acknowledgement, and Packing Lists, effective September 2018.

The Proposition 65 chemical list can be found at

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) will be provided upon request in a reasonable time-frame.